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Create harmony

between your income and expenditure with clean financial records

Book Keeping

Done For You Services

Revenues, Sales, Customer Acquisition, and Retention are priorities of every business.


The ongoing purchase of goods is required to keep things going.


Keeping track of those receipts and invoices is a task and it becomes a nightmare at the end of the year to find reprints, request duplicates from vendors, and organize the pile of receipts laying all around. 

We work with you to put systems in place which allows you to manage your own bookkeeping on a daily weekly and monthly basis. Need help? We'll assign a personal bookkeeper to your account to ensure that your quarterly filings may be done on time and without the stress.

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Need to talk through the details? 

Contact us to discuss how we can help get your book-keeping in shape.

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"How would you like to get in touch?"

You get...
Expert Book-keeper

Our book-keepers possess experience and will complete your booking accurately and in a timely fashion.

Monthly, quarterly, annual processing

Keep clean and up-to-date records with monthly/quarterly/annual book-keeping

Real-time communication (email and text)

Get real-time access to our team to answer any questions you may have regarding your chart of accounts.

Secure documents management

Records are securely stored in the clouds through secured technology. Access information using secured passwords created by you.

Price and Payment Terms
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Monthly Book-keeping


- 1 LLC/Sole Proprietor

- 1 Business Account

- 4 Week Service weekly updates 2 times per week

- Text and Email Support


Quarterly Book-keeping


- 1 LLC/Sole Proprietor

- 2 Business Accounts

- 12 Week Service weekly (updates 2 times per week)

- Text and Email Support

Office Desk

Annual Book-keeping


- 1 LLC/Sole Proprietor

- 2 Business Account

- 52 Week Service (weekly updates 2 times per week)

- Text and Email Support

- Preparation of quarterly payroll and sales tax

Still not sure if you need bookkeeping services?

Test drive our service with the 7 Day challenge

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